Beginner Triathlon Gear Checklist

  • By T.J. Murphy
  • Published Feb 27, 2013
  • Updated Jan 29, 2015 at 6:17 PM UTC
Photo: Nils Nilsen


The key: Forget teardrop tube shape and fancy, high-priced features. “A triathlon bike should fit so that the athlete is comfortable for the duration of his or her race and can still get off and run,” says bike fitter and former pro triathlete Geoff Nenninger.

Find yours: Get fitted before selecting a bike, even if you’re thinking of buying used. Most can be adjusted, but the range is limited. With the help of a knowledgeable bike fitter, you’ll be able to decide between a road bike and a dedicated tri setup. “The more one trains and competes on hilly roads, the more focus should be put on having a comfortable upright climbing position in addition to an efficient aero position,” says Nenninger.

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