Quick And Easy DIY Cleaners For Triathletes

  • By Susan Lacke
  • Published Feb 8, 2013
  • Updated Jan 15, 2015 at 9:24 AM UTC

Sole Scrubbing
Experts say not to drop footwear in the washing machine, but sometimes it seems like the only way to take care of nasty smells. If the odor from bike shoes or race flats are starting to draw complaints from the neighbors, head to the kitchen.

Reader James turns to the spice cabinet: “A small cloth bag or sock full of salt (table salt is fine) placed in shoes when not in use will stop them becoming smelly.”

If you’re out of salt, or if you’re in need of some serious smell management, freeze the funk – literally. Apartment Therapy blogger Sarah Rae wraps trainers in a plastic bag, then places in her chest freezer for 24 hours. The low temperatures kill the organisms that cause odor, leaving your shoes stink-free.

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