Announcing The Spirit Of Triathlon Photo Contest Winners

  • By Paul Phillips | Competitive Image
  • Published Mar 11, 2013
Paul Phillips at the 70.3 world championships. Photo: Steve Godwin

Two months ago, Competitive Image’s Paul Phillips launched the “Spirit of Triathlon Contest” and asked for amateur photographers to send in their favorite triathlon-related images. Today, he’s announcing the top-three submissions and sharing the top-20 images with See the analysis and announcement of the three photos below.

In January our Spirit of Triathlon Contest began with:

“Everyone who spends time around triathlons and triathletes understand there is a special spirit that surrounds the sport. Thousands of triathletes are racing every weekend and tens of thousands of photos are brilliantly shot showing off their amazing efforts.”

Now two months and over 100 entries later, we’re ready to share the top-20 entries. Before I announce the top finishers, here’s an idea of what I was looking for.

A successful photo must tell a story, be visually appealing and emotionally stirring. The image must immediately draw the eye of the viewer to its key element and must leave a lasting impression.

There are three critical elements in achieving a successful photo – content, composition and color.

Content is capturing a peak moment, which may be a spectacular sunrise, a close-up view on the bike or a battle for the finish line. This is the story, it is not an image of random activity; it has direction, flow and meaning. Content may also convey a sense of place or time. This is what the viewer will relate to and remember. Keep in mind that if you are able to capture this moment and it is out of focus – you missed the shot!

Composition is a key element of a great photo. As spectators we see everything from eye-level, but from a photographic standpoint most photos from eye-level tend to be fairly mundane. The best way to view something is from an angle nobody else gets to see. It is important to have a nice, clean background to avoid distracting the view from the image.

Color may be the tonal variations in the literal sense, but there is also an emotional factor. I have galleries on my website dedicated to “celebrate” and “suffer” – these images are for pure emotion.

With this in mind, here are the top three photos!

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