Triathlon Training While Traveling

  • By Susan Lacke
  • Published Mar 21, 2013
  • Updated Apr 1, 2015 at 4:04 PM UTC

Recover Well

Few things are worse than being sick or rundown on the road. Andy Niblett, Director of Sales at ISCO Industries, prioritizes sleep and hydration to ensure his body can handle the demands of training and a grueling travel schedule.

“I can go two to three days with late business functions or dinners combined with early workouts before it catches up to me. If I go too long without getting the recovery I need, it will show up in training. I do a pretty good job at managing fatigue and overtraining before it starts to have an impact on my professional and family life.”

Niblett stresses the importance of hydration (“It’s easy to get dehydrated when traveling, especially in the winter months”) and sleep.

“Remember that recovery is just as important as a quality workout.” Says Niblett, who sings the praises of training on the road. “I think my training has a positive effect on my professional life. I start my day on a high of endorphins every day.”

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