6 Things Triathletes Should Know About Sun Protection

  • By Alicia Kaye
  • Published Jun 20, 2013
  • Updated Jul 15, 2015 at 4:04 PM UTC
Alicia Kaye won the St. Anthony's Triathlon earlier this year. Photo: Paul Phillips/Competitive Image

Professional triathlete Alicia Kaye has been racing as an elite athlete since she was 16 and over the years has realized the toll outdoor training in the sun has taken on her skin. As a result, Kaye and her husband, and fellow professional triathlete, Jarrod Shoemaker have become passionate about skin protection and have created a line of skincare products named Endurance Shield. Kaye provides six key tips to keep in mind as you protect your skin against the elements this triathlon season based on new guidelines released by the FDA in 2012.

1. Reapply every two hours and wear protective clothing.
The FDA advises that all sunscreens, regardless of their SPF, be reapplied every two hours. As triathletes, we ask a lot of sunscreen as it must fight against sweat, water, wind and toweling off. Keep in mind that the sun UVA and UVB rays pass through clothing, especially thin technical garments, so sunscreen should be applied even under clothing.  Darker colored clothing protects best, but can also retain heat. Many clothing brands now offer a UPF rating and these garments are a great addition to the use of sunscreen.

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