Dispatch: Tips, Tidbits And Tallies From Challenge Roth

  • By Holly Bennett
  • Published Jul 10, 2013
  • Updated Jul 15, 2015 at 4:04 PM UTC
The Challenge Roth triathlon. Photo: Steve Godwin

With Challenge Roth’s race week activities ramping up, we share a collection of facts and figures specific to the iconic event.

Challenge Roth Tips & Tidbits

  • If running to music is your thing, Challenge Roth may be your race. Headphones are allowed during the marathon, as long as the volume is not excessive and does not interfere with athlete safety.
  • Outside assistance is allowed at and 100 meters beyond all official bike and run aid stations. Athletes may prearrange to have someone hand off their preferred food and drink in these locations.
  • Challenge Roth holds true to its mission to be a family-friendly event, providing childcare services during the race for athletes and spectators alike.
  • The World Championship of Firefighters is a competition within the race at Challenge Roth. Approximately 100 firefighters from around the world battle for bragging rights as the long-distance world champion.
  • The first ever Challenge Women’s event—a 5K run and walk—will take place on Saturday during race weekend. Organizers were optimistic in expecting 300 registrants for the inaugural event; they were overjoyed when 600 women signed up. Post-race, Challenge Women finishers will delight in an array of treats and services, including an on-site manicure and pedicure salon.
  • Every professional athlete who intends to race in Roth is required to sign an individual agreement to extensive drug testing. First, the pros must report to the NADA (Germany’s National Anti-Doping Agency, a branch of WADA) lab set up onsite on Thursday for a blood test (failure to report would result in that athlete being denied the right to start). Should any test be deemed suspicious or inconclusive, the athlete is then required to submit a urine sample, the results of which are returned prior to the start on Sunday morning. Post-race, the podium-placing men and women along with a large number of additional pros from within the top finishing ranks are urine tested. Likewise, a portion of age-group athletes are selected for random testing at the finish.

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Challenge Roth By the Numbers

3,500 individual athletes will compete on Sunday, along with 650 relay teams, totaling 5,450 athletes.

3 hours is the amount of time it takes an extremely well-organized group of volunteers to stuff the race bags for all 5,450 competitors.

62 countries will be represented in the field, with the most hailing from Germany, followed by the U.K., France, Spain and Austria.

48 professional athletes are slated to toe the line (more about these top talents to follow after Thursday’s press conference).

2,298 individuals will vie for the title of German champion, with those favored to win including Timo Bracht, Maik Petzold and Dirk Bockel on the men’s side and Sonja Tajsich, Julia Gajer and Nicole Leder in the women’s race.

200,000 spectators will crowd the course in Roth, while 5,600 volunteers will ensure that the race runs seamlessly. 280 police officers and 385 firefighters will also lend a hand on race day.

245 kg (that’s 540 pounds) of German sausage will be consumed at the finish line.

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