What It’s Like To Be A Professional Triathlete

  • By Jené Shaw
  • Published Jul 29, 2013
  • Updated Jul 21, 2015 at 3:36 PM UTC
Illustrations by Leigh Guldig.

On going pro:

“There are 800-plus registered professionals with WTC and I’m not sure how many people are paying mortgages/rents from their sponsorship. Why are people turning professional when it’s not their profession? I look at a lot of age-group athletes who are great athletes, and for some reason they want to race professionally and finish 40 minutes behind the field when they should feel content being competitive in their age groups and winning or getting top five, or whatever they do. They’re trying to balance jobs and family, and they should be happy with what they’re trying to achieve, instead of walking around saying you’re a professional and never earning a cent. It’s a weird thing for me. I feel embarrassed if I race that badly. I think a lot of the real professionals think, ‘Why would you put yourself through that?’”

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Jené Shaw

Jené Shaw

Jené Shaw is a contributor for Triathlete magazine, a six-time Ironman finisher and a USAT Level 1 certified coach

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