Find Your Long-Course Triathlon Training Formula

  • By Kim McDonald | Inside Triathlon Features Editor
  • Published Jul 24, 2013
  • Updated Jul 21, 2015 at 3:36 PM UTC
Leanda Cave went on to win the 2012 Ironman World Championship. Photo: Kurt Hoy

Are you tailoring your season for peak performance?

Don’t unwittingly set yourself up to be a victim of over-racing syndrome. Are you planning back-to-back Ironman “A” races in the spring and summer like many age groupers and pros who aspire to qualify for Kona? And then counting on a peak performance in Hawaii when October rolls around? After Cave broke her ribs two years ago and got injured again early last year, she realized that getting fit later in the year was in large part responsible for her 2011 Kona podium and last year’s world championship wins. “That ultimately was a blessing in disguise,” she says of her two injuries. “My goal was Kona, and that comes in October, so there’s no sense in trying to be 100 percent fit in January and February. So I think I’ve learned: Don’t come into the year trying to be so focused and trying to win every race. Try to win the races that really count. And that for me is Kona.”

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