Secrets For Short-Course Triathlon Speed

  • By Gordo Byrn
  • Published Jul 10, 2013
  • Updated Jul 15, 2015 at 4:04 PM UTC
Photo: Kurt Hoy

Uphill Big Gear Workout

– On a gradual climb, build your effort to heart rate zone 2 while keeping your cadence under 60 RPM. Hold this effort for 40–60 minutes of continuous riding.
– As your fitness improves, progress this workout by alternating miles between your TT and climbing positions.
– In your specific preparation phase, insert two to three workouts where you seek to hold a race-specific effort, while climbing in your TT position. Keep your cadence under 60 RPM. This effort should be 100 percent of goal race power and capped at 10 BPM under your average racing heart rate for the bike leg. Hold this effort for your bike-split duration. If you don’t live by a long hill, do this workout using a big gear over flat roads.

Building from my first two tips, train your ability to hold race levels of intensity by using long climbs at race-specific output.

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