The Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting Leaner

  • By Matt Fitzgerald
  • Published Aug 7, 2013
  • Updated Aug 19, 2013 at 7:15 PM UTC
Photo: John David Becker and Sue Fan

Do: Practice nutrient timing

When you eat is almost as important as what you eat in the quest to get leaner. You should take in the most calories at those times when your body’s energy needs are greatest and take in the least calories when your body’s immediate energy needs are lower. If you do this consistently your body will put food calories to the best possible use—building and refueling your muscles instead of adding to body fat stores—and you will become leaner than you would if you ate the same number of calories each day but at the wrong times.

Your body needs the most energy when you first wake up in the morning, when you haven’t eaten in 10 or 12 hours, and after workouts, when your muscle fuel stores are depleted. Energy needs are much lower in the evening and when you’re doing desk work. With this idea in mind, concentrate your daily calorie intake in the morning and post-workout periods, and eat lighter at other times.

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