From The Archives: Inside Triathlon’s Profile Of Simon Whitfield

  • By Courtney Baird
  • Published Oct 23, 2013
Photo: John Segesta

The Sydney Olympics

On winning gold

Bennett (who trained with Whitfield in Victoria, British Columbia, in the lead-up to Sydney): I went to Sydney as a reserve for the Australian Olympic team. We were both incredibly fit and fast. I was confident Simon would mix it up. When they hit the 5K mark on the run I had a tear in my eye already. I truly believed he would do it. With 800 meters to go there was no one in the world who could match his speed to the finish. Although I didn’t get to race, it was incredibly rewarding being a part of history with Simon. After the ceremony he came over to me with the gold medal and put it around my neck and said, “This is yours!” That was pretty cool.

Whitfield: I have a scroll at home that says “Olympic champion” on it. … I raced clean my whole career, and I have a medal at home that’s a gold medal, and that’s the biggest joy of sport.

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