From The Archives: Inside Triathlon’s Profile Of Simon Whitfield

  • By Courtney Baird
  • Published Oct 23, 2013
Photo: John Segesta


On adapting his training to a life of marriage and children (Whitfield has two daughters, Pippa, the oldest, and Evelyn).

Whitfield: Jennie and I are lucky. I mean, we can work out together. We go on runs with the jogging stroller. I’m the fastest jogging stroller guy in the world. I crush it. I have a chariot jogger—I have a double, a single and a sidecar. I fucking rule the jogging chariot. I’m the fastest charioteer ever. … I go to King George’s Terrace in Vic [Victoria], with a single [jogging stroller] with Evelyn in there. Before the Beijing Olympics I did a ton of hill reps with my buddy Adam. He comes with me. And we run [the stroller] up, and it’s the best workout. It is awful, and I think there’s no way [2009 ITU world champion Alistair] Brownlee is doing this because nobody would lend that guy their kid.

Jennie Sprigings (Whitfield’s wife): When we were new parents that year leading up [to Beijing], he did a lot of runs with Pippa in the  jogging stroller. He’d go with friends to a hill workout, pushing a jogging stroller up the hill. It was a nice way for me to get a break, for Pippa to get a nap and for Simon to get a workout.

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