Running Into Fall

  • By Mackenzie Lobby
  • Published Oct 24, 2013
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Goal: Do A Half- or Full Marathon

Training to Scale Back: “When you begin adding in an extra run or two, drop a swim or bike workout, but still utilize them for cross-training on a weekly basis,” says Cook.

Training to Add: “Start by increasing the number of runs you’re doing, rather than the total volume,” says Cook. As you build up your run strength, increase your total mileage by no more than 10 percent from one week to the next.

Sample Workout: After the first couple of weeks of run-specific training, begin including a long run each week. Begin with 8 miles at 1 minute/ mile slower than goal marathon pace, and increase the mileage by 1–2 miles each week, with a down week (no long run) every three weeks.

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