Sports Psychology Tips For Triathletes

  • By Erin Beresini
  • Published Oct 2, 2013
  • Updated Jan 15, 2016 at 1:38 PM UTC

Problem 1: Staying motivated while training

Sticking to a training plan isn’t always easy, especially if your race is several months away.

Solved: “Start by seeing what role the sport plays in your life, what you get out of it, and what got you started in the first place,” Haberl says. Often, athletes start competing for fun, then begin to focus on achieving a certain time or weight. “Figure out a way to tie it back to that initial source of joy.”

Carr stresses the importance of learning the difference between outcome goals, like finishing a race in a certain time or place, and process goals, the goals you establish along the way. “The more important goal is: What do you need to do today, or this week?” he says. “Address staleness or lack of motivation by establishing daily and weekly short-term goals.” That will make you feel accomplished every day you train—not just after a stellar race.

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