The Most Important Run Workouts For Triathletes

  • By Justin Daerr
  • Published Oct 18, 2013
Mirinda Carfrae trains in Boulder, Colo. Photo: Nick Salazar

Dear coach: What are the most important run workouts to do every week?

I have found that three basic sessions hold the hierarchy: the long run, the transition run and the fartlek/speed run.

The Long Run

This session makes up the basic foundation of any Ironman/long-course run program, but its importance does not fall by the wayside as the race distance decreases. Long runs build stamina and durability and help you maintain good form under fatigue.

Preferably, long runs should take place over semisoft surfaces (such as dirt roads or well-packed trails) and should build in quality as your fitness improves. You should begin these runs feeling fairly comfortable and eventually make your way to an intensity level where conversation is possible.

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