Buying Aero Wheels On A Budget

  • By AJ Johnson
  • Published Nov 8, 2013
  • Updated Jan 29, 2016 at 3:54 PM UTC
Photo: Courtney Johnson

Rolf 58 RSC – MSRP $1299

The Specs
Another aluminum brake track wheelset, the Rolf 58 RSC’s are aimed at the budget-minded racer. A carbon rim is co-molded with an aluminum rim cap for the brake surface. Weighing in at 1,920g, it’s the second heaviest in the bunch. The identifying paired spoke design isn’t just for looks—it allows for a low spoke count, just 16 up front and 20 rear, while providing plenty of lateral stiffness. The traditional width of 19mm is narrow for this test. The 58 RSC’s come with skewers and work on Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrains in 10 and 11 speed.

The Ride
Out on the roads this wheel performs better than the specs would imply, and it looks pretty good on paper. I was most surprised at the pleasant ride quality from these hoops. While not as smooth as somefull carbon rim I have ridden, the harshness I associate with aluminum-rimmed wheels simply isn’t there. I also dropped the pressure to 110psi to help smooth out the road. If you put a quality set of 24 or 25mm tires on these that would also help the ride feel. The second heaviest of the bunch, they are noticeably slower to reach top speed than others. At speed they are quiet and quick. As with the others in this group, the depth means there is some cross-wind steering effect but it is kept to a minimum. Like the Zipp 60’s, one advantage these wheels have over their carbon competitors is the consistent and strong braking power from the aluminum brake surface. As one of the least expensive options in the bunch, the 58 RSC’s offer a good bang for your buck value.

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