Buying Aero Wheels On A Budget

  • By AJ Johnson
  • Published Nov 8, 2013
  • Updated Jan 29, 2016 at 3:54 PM UTC
Photo: Courtney Johnson

FLO 60 – MSRP $898

The Specs
First, that MSRP is not at typo. Designed using computational fluid dynamics software then tested in the A2 wind tunnel, FLO did its research when shaping these wheels. The carbon clincher rim, called FLO Wide Toroidal Fairing, is actually a standard aluminum box rim with a non-structural carbon fairing making the deep section. The rim starts at 24.4mm at the brake track and has a max width of 27.2mm. It is positively blunt without a sharp inner edge where the spokes enter the rim. At 1,936g for the set they are surprisingly the heaviest in the bunch. Sapim CX-Ray spokes, 20 up front and 24 in the rear mate to FLO VORTEX hubs. Buyers can choose between nine colors for decals with white or black lettering. Choose between Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo and 10- or 11-speed compatibility.

The Ride
With such a wide rim it’s no surprise that the ride quality of the FLO 60’s was comfortable no matter the road condition. That said, it wasn’t as smooth as hoops tested in this review that feature full carbon construction. It’s a subtle difference but a noticeable one. As for their speed, they take some time to reach full speed due to the extra weight. The additional mass is most obvious when coming out of slow speed corners. Once at speed they do hold it well. At a cruising speed near 20mph the FLO 60’s feel ready to go faster. The blunt shape of the rim seeks to mitigate effects from cross winds and they do handle well. Our set didn’t come with brake pads, so I used the new SwissStop Black Prince pads that many other companies are using. With those pads, which are some of the best, stopping power was good. I did notice some fade during longer descents where heat build up is more of a concern. At this price these wheels are a fantastic bargain.

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