Buying Aero Wheels On A Budget

  • By AJ Johnson
  • Published Nov 8, 2013
  • Updated Jan 29, 2016 at 3:54 PM UTC
Photo: AJ Johnson

HED Jet 6 – MSRP $1900

The Specs
The HED Jet is a unique blend of everyday sensibility and race-worthyspeed. Built as an aluminum box rim with a blunted fairing affixed, it runs 60mm deep and 23mm wide at the brake track. With 18 spokes up front and 24 in the rear, the clincher model weighs in at 1,660g and is 10/11 speed for compatible for Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. The Jet 6 set has a rider weight limit of 190lb., but heavier riders can choose the Stallion build for anyone up to 225lbs. The Jets come with skewers, valve extenders and rim tape.

The Ride
These wheels have a lot going for them, blending the comfort of a wider rim and the steady, consistent braking of aluminum with good aerodynamics and capable handling. The ride quality was as expected with 24c tires–comfortable due to the width, but just a bit stiffer than the full carbon wide-rimmed hoops. A few less psi and you won’t notice it. Crosswinds do push it around some, but the blunt shape keeps it manageable. The Jets feel fast. With 60mm of rim to cut through the air they have no problem keeping speed. These wheels feel as fast as any others in this comparison. With the light weight they also get to speed quickly out of T1 or coming out of corners. The aluminum braking surface adds a level of stopping security. Cornering was adequate, but I felt it lacked a bit compared with the others. The stiffness seems to lack a bit when pushed in twists and bends.

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