13-Year-Old Dallas Triathlete To Be Honored For Philanthropic Efforts

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  • Published Nov 6, 2013
  • Updated Jan 31, 2014 at 1:47 PM UTC

Thirteen-year-old Ariana Luterman started Team Ariana to benefit homeless children in the Dallas area through her triathlons. For her efforts, she will receive the Association of Fundraising Professionals Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy award.

When Ariana Luterman lined up to participate in her first adult race, the then 10-year-old triathlete knew she would attract a lot of attention.

Ariana had participated in kids’ triathlons since the age of seven. But, surrounded by adult competitors for the first time, she was worried the older racers would judge her and that they might push her around.

However, she said she soon realized that behind all the attention was simply surprise about her age and respect for her ability.

“That’s when I decided to come up with Team Ariana,” Ariana, now 13, said about the brand she formed with her parents to benefit homeless children in the Dallas area. “Because I didn’t want all that attention on me for me being that young. I wanted it on me for me helping those kids kind of move it away from me and on to a better subject.”

She’ll be recognized for her efforts Nov. 15 when she receives the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy award.

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