Dear Santa: Professional Triathletes Give Their Christmas Lists

  • By Holly Bennett
  • Published Dec 23, 2013
  • Updated Mar 8, 2016 at 6:31 PM UTC
Leanda Cave wants a private jet for Christmas, but she'll settle for chocolate. Photo: John David Becker

Caroline Steffen wants a Snuggie. Who knew? Santa Claus, that’s who! We polled a number of triathlon’s top pros to learn what’s on their Christmas lists, and here’s what we found.


ENEKO LLANOS: Health and happiness for our son Jon that is going to be born at the end of January.

LIZ BLATCHFORD: A Thermomix and a pretty surfboard.

LUKE MCKENZIE: I really want to get an Aeropress coffee maker that I can travel with so I can have good coffee everywhere I go.

JESSE THOMAS: I’m notoriously difficult to buy for. I’m pretty stingy with spending money on stuff unless I absolutely need it, and then if I do need it I buy it immediately because I’m not patient enough to wait for Christmas or a birthday. So I don’t have a list, but anything that saves me time — like taking my car into the shop, shoveling the driveway or making my lunch — is huge. I’m also stoked for some movie tickets and popcorn, where I’m forced to turn off my brain and body for a couple of hours.

LEANDA CAVE: A private jet. It is a wish list, after all! If that doesn’t happen, a lot of British Cadbury’s chocolate.

ALICIA KAYE: Books and Amazon gift cards for Kindle. I love to read. And iTunes gift cards, naturally because I love music!

MATT REED: A basketball hoop for my boy Lachey so I can play with him. A new core routine (which I have started with a great guy I found here). Just don’t make me laugh because my stomach muscles still hurt.

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• Garmin 620
• Frye Boots
• A trip to somewhere warm
• Skratch Labs’ Feed Zone Portables cookbook
• Lift tickets to Mt. Bachelor
• Champagne
• Vosges Chocolate subscription

MELISSA HAUSCHILDT: A house at Noosa and a Jeep Patriot in the driveway.

SARAH PIAMPIANO: A big fat gift certificate for ice cream from Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood, CA!

JAMES HADLEY: I have a Garmin 910XT watch on my list so I can finally join in on all the Strava fun!

JO LAWN: I would love to get a whole year’s voucher for my sports massage therapist.

TJ TOLLAKSON: Lots of tools — I build things and always have a desire for more and more tools. Here is a brief list of some tools and related accessories:
• KURT Machining Vice
• 56 pc Mechanics Tool Set
• Magnum grip pliers
• Triple Cut Utility Cutter
• Carbon Air Filter Mask (for sanding carbon fiber)
• Folding hearing protection ear muffs (for working in a noisy shop with lots of equipment)

Three pieces of fitness equipment for my home gym:
• Life Fitness 97ti Treadmill 0-16mph, -3-15% grade
• Precor 5.21i Elliptical Cross trainer (great for when you need to rehab and run backwards)
• Yukon Glute/Ham Machine for keeping that posterior chain firing correctly

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AMANDA STEVENS: A puppy … Dash needs a friend! A job in Boulder for Randy. And, a down payment for a house!!

LAUREL WASSNER: All I want for Christmas is a power meter for my Cervelo S5 road bike.

REBECCAH WASSNER: On my Christmas list this year is a massage at a spa — a nice and relaxing one, not one in my living room that hurts!

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