The Inside Triathlon Body Shoot: Purpose Built

  • By Inside Triathlon
  • Published Dec 2, 2013
  • Updated Feb 12, 2014 at 12:21 PM UTC
Photo by Scott Draper.

Erin Densham

2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist

“I know at the moment I am so far from being in peak shape that it’s almost not funny. … I could go out and race, I guess. But to be in a position to race and win or to be competitive is a completely different thing [than] just participating. I know I would do well, but I wouldn’t be at my best. And I want to go out there, and I want to be able to win, and I want to strive to win. … I’m a long way from that, so I’ve had to sort of readjust my program a little bit.”

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