Menu Poll: Chris McCormack Vs. Lance Armstrong

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  • Published Dec 3, 2013
Armstrong photo by Kurt Hoy. McCormack photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images.

In an interview with Triathlete’s Bob Babbitt, Chris McCormack revealed that he has challenged Lance Armstrong to a one-on-one triathlon.

“I said ‘I’ll race ya mate.’ I don’t even care if there are no accolades. No one around. I just want to race you. Just two old blokes. No excuses,’” he said. “We threw that out to him a couple of weeks ago… Lance has done some horrible things and some amazing things athletically, but he’s still a competitor and I’ve always been inspired by racing competitors. He’s a prickly personality and I’d love to go around and have a crack at him.”

Several people tweeted about the challenge to Lance Armstrong and he responded:

“Hey @MaccaNow – if you’re serious then gimme a call. Let’s discuss.”

If the one-on-one race does happen, who do you think will win?

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