First Endurance Sets New Fuel Rules For Athletes

  • By Julia Polloreno
  • Published Dec 6, 2013
  • Updated Jan 29, 2016 at 3:54 PM UTC

How The Pros Fuel

Heather Wurtele’s Ironman Fueling Plan

Bowl of gluten-free cereal with banana, coffee, Multi-V, OptygenHP

2 hours before start: Ultragen (300 calories)
20 minutes before start: Liquid Shot (100 calories), water

4 EFS bottles (200 calories each), water from aid stations, 2 EFS Liquid Shot flasks, 1 EFS bar, 4 Thermolyte (sodium electrolyte caps)

Liquid Shot (800 calories), EFS drink (150 calories), water, 12 Thermolytes

Cameron Dye’s Olympic Fueling Plan

Bottle of EFS with half-scoop of PreRace and oatmeal

Part of another bottle of EFS, 2 PreRace capsules along with half a gel flask of EFS Liquid Shot as he’s walking to the race start

On the bike:
Two bottles — one with just water, and one that’s full of what he calls “health juice” — a scoop of lemon-lime EFS, half a gel flask of Liquid Shot and another half scoop of PreRace mixed with water. Drink half to three-quarters of the bottle of electrolyte mix and half the bottle of water.

On the run:
A little water but otherwise he doesn’t carry any nutrition with him

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Julia Polloreno

Julia Polloreno

Julia Polloreno is the editor at large of Triathlete magazine. A Stanford University graduate with an award-winning track record in publishing, Polloreno is a two-time Ironman finisher and has been a competitive triathlete for more than a decade.

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