Bouncing Back From A Bike Crash

  • By Scott Fliegelman
  • Published Dec 6, 2013
  • Updated Feb 18, 2014 at 12:14 AM UTC
Photo: Paul Phillips

Recover fast

If you do crash, proper long-term recovery should begin right away.

“Ask your emergency room providers for specific wound care supplies like saline, Tegaderm, silver sulfa and sponges rather than gauze pads to aid healing of road rash. The ER is primarily focused on evaluating for head and spinal cord and internal organ injury. Once these injuries have been excluded, make an appointment with a sports medicine therapist to help diagnose and treat potential maladies.” Dr. Jeremy Rodgers, medical director, Rocky Mountain Ironman Events

“Burn centers can work wonders on third-degree/full thickness road rash. They have a totally different regimen than the ER and you heal a lot faster.” Andria Lenoble, age-group triathlete

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