Bouncing Back From A Bike Crash

  • By Scott Fliegelman
  • Published Dec 6, 2013
  • Updated Feb 18, 2014 at 12:14 AM UTC
Photo: Paul Phillips

Bounce back with confidence

Once you’re ready, follow some of these tips to ensure a successful return:
“Have your bike inspected professionally. In addition to cosmetic issues like bar tape and pedals, you’ll want to have the bike checked for cracks—especially carbon frames, bars and wheels.” Edwards

“Stay as active as possible after an acute trauma. Maintaining some level of activity (even a few minutes a day) can actually aid healing.” Charlie Merrill, physical therapist at Merrill Performance

“Being back on the bike is a bit unnerving, which in itself can cause another crash. Start out where you feel safest and don’t have too much caffeine before your ride.” Laurie Mizener, triathlete and former U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials competitor

“Recovery acupuncture is great for rehabilitating muscles and tendons, providing balanced energy to a potentially traumatized body.” Tyler Stroebel, licensed acupuncturist

“Start on the indoor trainer to make sure body parts work in stationary mode before heading outside.” Karen Lipinsky, age-group triathlete

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