How To Date A Triathlete

  • By Lauren Harsch
  • Published Feb 12, 2014
  • Updated Feb 13, 2014 at 4:12 PM UTC

Rule #4: Learn to make a great protein shake.

Ah, nutrition—the life source for triathletes. I remember before I entered the world of triathlon, I used to refer to this as “food.” Realize from the get-go that nutrition will be a big factor in your relationship. During race season, your athlete will scrutinize every calorie he puts in his mouth. In order to make it fun, get creative with your recipes. Swap recipes with other tri partners or take a healthy cooking class with your partner. Learn to make a killer protein shake. A trick that we love: Add a scoop of instant coffee to a protein shake. It adds a nice mocha flavor and will keep your partner up a few extra hours.

Dating a triathlete is not without its rewards. Another upside—outside of having a partner that looks good in Spandex, of course—is that triathletes really know how to make a commitment. It takes major dedication to train for and actually finish a triathlon. This ability to commit tends to spill over into relationships, provided his prospective mate doesn’t try to come between him and his “A” race. Just remember all relationships need boundaries and it doesn’t hurt to remind your athlete that a simple note or card as a thank you always goes a long way.

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Lauren Harsch is the author of “How to Date a Triathlete.”

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