Coach’s Note By Lance Watson: Break Through Your Fitness Plateau

  • By Lance Watson
  • Published Apr 4, 2014
  • Updated May 2, 2014 at 4:11 PM UTC
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To be a good triathlete you don’t need to be a good runner. You need to be able to run well off the bike. Many single-sport athletes have taken up triathlon hoping to dominate by virtue of a single strong leg. Unfortunately, these folks quickly learn that the sport is unforgiving of those who fail to take a well-rounded approach. If you have a tough time finding your run legs after riding, try the following sets.

1. Practice transition workouts: Early in the season these sessions can consist of a 20- to 50-minute aerobic run immediately following a two- to three-hour ride. In these runs, incorporate 4-6 x 30-second pick-ups, building to your goal 10km triathlon pace. Take a full recovery after each 30-second effort before beginning the next work interval. Gradually progress to transition runs that include a 10-minute block at your goal 10km triathlon pace after a long ride. This is a good simulation that does not require a lot of recovery.

2. As the season approaches, include transition-specific workouts that allow you to adapt quickly to the stresses of running after riding. One such workout is 2-3 x (5-mile bike/800m run). Complete both the bike and run sets above your goal race pace and allow full active recovery (of easy running or spinning) after each round.

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LifeSport head coach Lance Watson has coached a number of Ironman, Olympic and age-group Champions over the past 25 years. He enjoys coaching athletes of all levels. Join Lance to tackle your first triathlon or perform at a higher level. 

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