One-Hour Workout: Run/Swim/Run Combo

  • By Jené Shaw
  • Published Apr 1, 2014
  • Updated Apr 2, 2014 at 9:16 AM UTC

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 mins (or less!).

This week’s swim-run brick workout comes from Rhode Island-based John Houfek, who has been coaching multisport athletes through Raven Triathlon Coaching for more than 20 years. Although the mid-run swim break might feel best during a hot summer training session, it also serves as a good gym session in early spring.

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One-Hour Workout: Run-Swim-Run Combo

Start with a two-mile run in Zone 2 and finish at the pool.

Strip off your run gear, rinse in the shower, and then hop in the pool.  Immediately swim as many 200s with a 22-second rest interval as you can in 22 minutes.

Hop out of the pool, put your run gear back on and finish with a two-mile run in Zone 2.

*As an option for especially hot days, shower to rinse off then cool down in the pool by jogging easy in chest-deep water for two minutes.

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Jené Shaw

Jené Shaw

Jené Shaw is a contributor for Triathlete magazine, a six-time Ironman finisher and a USAT Level 1 certified coach

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