In A Running Rut?

  • By Bethany Rutledge
  • Published Apr 10, 2014
Photo: John David Becker

The Approach: More Quality (Intensity)

Finding the right balance between quality and quantity can be tough even for experienced runners. To complicate matters, triathletes have to balance quality and quantity in three separate sports.

Some form of quality running is an important part of a well-rounded training plan. Yet seasoned runners also understand that doing every run all-out is a quick way to top out and get injured. If you’re new to hard running workouts, we propose keeping it simple to start.

How to: Before you begin, first build to a sustainable and appropriate level of frequency and volume made up of easy to moderate runs. Then, assuming you’ve been running regularly for six months, it’s appropriate to then add in a regular tempo run. Tempo can be defined as the pace you can hold for about an hour—for most runners, between 10K and half-marathon pace. Start with continual tempo runs of about 20 minutes and gradually increase to about 45 minutes.

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