Triathlon Transition Basics

  • By Dirk Bockel
  • Published May 14, 2014
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T2: The Bike-Run Transition

Approaching T2: Start to mentally prepare and remember where you have to go. Will you have to rack your bike yourself? Or can you hand it to one of the volunteers? Get ready for T2 by sliding out of your shoes, while always looking ahead and never down (don’t be one of the guys who crashes or swerves while trying to get out of his bike shoes). Pedal the final few yards with your bare feet atop the shoes.

Off the bike: Dismount and run to your transition spot, using visual aids to help guide your way. Once you’re there, put your helmet down and get into your running shoes. Grab your gels, race number and hat, and off you go. Every second should be planned out. You practiced it, right? Run the fastest route to exit T2 and proceed onto the run course. Now you should have time to turn your race number around to the front and put things into the pockets of your race kit.

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