Canadians On Top, Ohno Makes Debut At 70.3 Boise

  • By Liz Hichens
  • Published Jun 7, 2014

Canadians Brent McMahon and Melanie McQuaid claimed the victories at Saturday’s Ironman 70.3 Boise. Known for its afternoon start and unpredictable weather, the 2014 version of the event featured relatively calm conditions.

McMahon, who won Ironman 70.3 Hawaii one week ago, stayed in the mix on the swim (24:07 split) and the bike (2:12:30 split) before taking charge on the run. It ultimately turned into a battle between McMahon, Luke Bell (AUS) and Trevor Wurtele (CAN). It looked like it wouldn’t be McMahon’s day when he fell back in the late miles of the run, but he found a surge of energy and passed both Bell and Wurtele to post a 1:18:35 run and take the 3:57:33 win. Wurtele cruised in for second at 3:57:33, with Bell rounding out the top three in 3:58:48.

McQuaid enjoyed the top spot all day, posting a 29:09 swim, a 2:22:26 bike and a 1:29:53 half marathon to earn the 4:24:07 victory. American Liz Lyles finished second with Sue Huse (CAN) claiming third.

Behind the pros, Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno grabbed the attention of fans and media in his triathlon debut. He put together a 32:05 swim, a 2:30:04 bike and a 1:52:08 run to narrowly break five hours at 4:59:27. Ohno is competing as part of the Got Chocolate Milk? team. The “Mission Apolo” web series is following his journey to October’s Ironman World Championship.

2014 Ironman 70.3 Boise
Boise, Idaho – June 7, 2014
1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run

1. Brent McMahon (CAN) 3:57:33
2. Trevory Wurtele (CAN) 3:57:47
3. Luke Bell (AUS) 3:58:48
4. Josh Amberger (AUS) 4:02:17
5. Maik Twelsiek (GER) 4:02:17

1. Melanie McQuaid (CAN) 4:24:07
2. Liz Lyles (USA) 4:28:55
3. Sue Huse (CAN) 4:37:26
4. Kate Bevilaqua (AUS) 4:37:50
5. Olesya Prystayko (URK) 4:42:34

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Liz Hichens

Liz Hichens

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