5 Ways To Become A Faster Runner

  • By Brian Metzler
  • Published Jun 4, 2014
  • Updated May 3, 2016 at 4:50 PM UTC

Mix it up. As triathletes, we’re often guided by a Type-A, right-brain mentality. And while that’s mostly a good thing, it means we often do interval workouts on a track with a stopwatch. Makes sense, right? Because a track offers a fast and precise surface, it’s the best and most reliable place to run 8 x 800 in exactly 2:55 or repeat miles at a six-minute pace.

But if you want to break the mold a bit, consider doing more fartlek workouts and vary the length of your hard efforts. Instead of running three minutes at race pace, run hard without looking at your watch or heart rate monitor. Hard to the next stoplight, run hard to the next tree or run hard until you think it’s time to back off for a rest interval. If you really want to be bold, leave your watch or heart rate monitor behind altogether. By casting aside the crutches and running more on feel, you can get more in tune with your body, especially when you’re fatigued. You’d be surprised at how good it feels to be so primal.

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