One-Hour Workout: 4×1000 Track Session

  • By Jené Shaw and Samantha Strong
  • Published Jun 10, 2014

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

This week’s run workout comes from Bloomington, Ind.-based triathlon coach and Kinesiology/Sports Psychology Ph.D. Craig Paiement, who has been coaching since 1997. Paiement specializes in developing juniors, U-23 ITU hopefuls and high-performance athletes through his coaching service EXO1.

“This workout has been a staple for my athletes for years,” Paiement says. “It helps athletes to build strength and speed and get comfortable with cadence control and pace changes. This workout works best as an every other week workout through the season for those working on speed or racing Olympic distance and shorter.”

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One Hour Workout: 4×1000 Track Session

Warm-up: One mile easy plus dynamic drills and stretches

Main set:
Four times through, with a 3-minute rest interval between each:

1000 at 10K pace, 200 jog recovery, 400 at 5-10 seconds faster than 5K pace

(For reference, a 40:00 10K runner will run the 1000s on 4:00 and the 400s on 1:25)

Cool-down: One mile easy

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