5 Smoothie Recipes For Summer

  • By Leslie Myers
  • Published Jul 14, 2014
Photo: John David Becker

Why You Should Drink More Smoothies

„- You can mix and match ingredients and incorporate many whole foods such as fruit, flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, protein and greens into a smoothie.
– Smoothies use less of the body’s energy for digestion because ingredients are broken down by a blender.
– They can be made creamy and delicious by adding nut butters, seeds, nuts, coconut oil or avocado, which will also give your diet a boost of healthy fats.
– Smoothies are a good use for frozen fruit, which is “flash frozen,” meaning that the fruit is frozen as soon as it is picked so that it retains its nutrients.
– You can easily get in your omega-3s. A tablespoon of ground flax, chia or hemp seeds added to a smoothie is a simple way to get a dose of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber.

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San Diego triathlete Leslie Myers is the chef-owner of Foodsense, Now! and runs Juice Nation, an organic juice and smoothie bar.

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