Post-Race Thoughts From Challenge Roth Competitors

  • By Holly Bennett
  • Published Jul 21, 2014
  • Updated May 6, 2016 at 4:33 PM UTC
Timo Bracht. Photo: Getty Images

Timo Bracht

[On finally winning in Roth after narrowly missing victory several times in the past]
“It’s a little bit of a paradox, the years before when I didn’t win but finished on the podium, because you have so much feedback from the athletes and the spectators that you also feel that you are a champion here even when you’re not winning. But really, to win it and to want to win it, I only had that feeling yesterday during the race. The years before I often dreamed to win and I thought I could win, but that will to win I had in the race day yesterday. That’s very important–that you have that extra energy. Last year I lost 14 minutes to a mechanical and that was the difference to the winner. I actually felt that my condition was a little better last year, but the will to win was more there this year.”

[On when he felt confident of his victory]
“I have never dropped out in a race like that and I have never had problems in the last 10-km of a long distance race, but it’s not intelligent to celebrate a win 10-km before the finish line. The spectators and everybody were congratulating me for the victory, and I thought to myself: I have to run 10-km still–that is a long distance! At the point when I overtook Nils [Frommhold], I felt very strong. I was running really fast and there was a little bit of shade there in the forest. But then I went out onto the sunny section of the course and I thought to myself not to run too fast. I had a good rhythm. Then the last 4-km felt like 20-km! I think every triathlete knows that feeling when you have to wait and wait and run and run to get to the finish line. But in the end it all worked out. To cross the line in first position with all my family and friends here and a lot of fans–not only a few people, but hundreds and hundreds of people I know–it’s really great and a big honor for me. Even during the race, even my rivals were happy for me. I saw Eneko [Llanos] on an out and back part on the run and he actually stopped and cheered for me.”

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