3 Mid-Season Fixes

  • By Chris Carmichael
  • Published Jul 10, 2014
Photo: Nils Nilsen

The issue: Your transitions are ridiculously slow.

The fix: This is something we practice at triathlon camps, and what we see often is that many athletes just take too much stuff into transition. If you want to go faster through transition, take a minimalist approach. Separate your gear into “must have” and “might need” categories (the “oh s#&t” bag). If your race is going according to plan, you’ll only touch the “must have” gear. And then you have to practice—not just a few times in the two weeks before your race, but frequently.

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Chris Carmichael is the author of The Time-Crunched Triathlete and founder and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems, the official coaching and camps partner of Ironman ( Nick White co-wrote this article.

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