Pete Jacobs On Roth: “I’m Excited To Be Back”

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  • Published Jul 17, 2014

Pete Jacobs has raced Challenge Roth five times, with two second place finishes. This year, the 2012 Ironman world champion returns despite not being in optimum shape to improve his skills before Kona.

“There’s a lot of stuff in a field like this with so many good guys, there’s a lot of different possibilities on race day that will define the winner on how the race is raced, rather than who’s in the best shape coming into it,” said Jacobs. “For me coming into it feeling I don’t have peak fitness, I’m going to play more reserved and just try to be the most efficient guy out there, be as aerodynamic as I can, be as efficient as I can without those peaks and spikes of hard efforts but it’s going to be dictated by the guys at the front, for me it’s more of a tactical race, a race of patience and things I need to practice for Kona.”

Watch the complete interview above.

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