Tri Bike Close-Up: Felt IA FRD LTD

  • By Evan Rudd
  • Published Aug 22, 2014

Photos: John David Becker


The number of bikes built only for triathlon is growing. Felt decided to spurn road racers to build the IA FRD with ultra-deep tubes to save wind drag and add a small, integrated storage box. Other clever features such as a novel seatpost clamp and cleanly integrated fork distinguish this bike at the very top level of technology. Combining the best technology with realistic fit is another of the IA’s strengths. Frame fit characteristics are also decidedly friendly for typical multisport positions. The bike is tall enough to support most tri fits without relying on a tower of spacers. One of the very best performing and most functional component kits possible—the electronic Dura-Ace set—bolsters this noteworthy frame. To top it off, the Mavic CXR wheels have proven to be among the very fastest.

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