Bouncing Back From A Bike Crash

  • By Scott Fliegelman
  • Published Dec 10, 2014
  • Updated Dec 10, 2014 at 6:04 PM UTC
Photo: Paul Phillips

Even with the best biking education and years of experience, many triathletes will experience a crash. I learned a lot from surviving a scary one and I hope my experience, along with these recommendations, can help you prevent—or bounce back from—a crash.

Avoid a crash

Expert tips for stacking the odds in your favor:

“When I go on training group rides, I am hyper-aware of everyone around me and am always looking for an escape route if someone goes down.” Tim DeBoom, two-time Ironman world champion

“Check that your tires are not overly worn, your wheels are true and that braking and shifting are in good working condition. Many times these issues can cause a crash or make avoiding one that much more difficult.” Zach Edwards, pro bike mechanic, Boulder Cycle Sport

“A great strength-training program can establish good joint stability and optimal range of motion and may help you to avoid some crashes or bounce back more quickly following one.” Erin Carson, personal trainer and age-group triathlete

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