Health Food Store Guidance

  • By Pip Taylor
  • Published Mar 11, 2015

I’ve heard that not all “health foods” are created equal. Any advice for navigating the health food aisle?

Product marketing can be sneaky and persuasive—with some carefully placed words (i.e. “organic” anything), it’s easy to be tricked into believing that the snack you are enjoying is healthy when in fact it is loaded with sugar and calories. Here are foods for which you should be extra vigilant in reading those ingredient labels:

Yogurt: In its essence a healthy, fermented natural food, yogurt seems to have crossed the line into dessert. The yogurt category is full of sugar-laden and artificially flavored products that bear no resemblance to the natural yogurts filled with healthy-gut-promoting probiotics. Look for plain, unflavored, unsweetened yogurts containing live active bacteria cultures. If it’s fruit-flavored, make sure it actually contains real fruit.

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