5 Little Ways To Shave Big Time In Your Next Triathlon

  • By Marty Munson
  • Published Apr 17, 2015
Fraser Cartmell takes a corner at Ironman 70.3 Boulder. Photo: Nick Salazar

Sometimes it’s the little things that help you break your own speed records. Try these moves to get ahead.

You put in as many miles as the next athlete and your bike is just as nice. So why did he pass you before the run? He might know some bike handling subtleties that you don’t … yet.

“Sometimes getting faster is about doing the easy things,” says pro cyclist Carmen Small. “I did a triathlon a while back and was surprised to see all of the places that people were giving up speed because they weren’t doing certain basics.”

Stop throwing away speed. Use these tips from roadies and track cyclists to come out ahead on race day:

Take a smarter turn. “I passed two or three people in a corner because I was carrying my speed and they weren’t,” Small says. Smooth cornering is about physics and practice. Start by figuring out a good, smooth line through a turn—try starting a little wide and cutting the corner—and do any braking before you get into it. Bring your inside leg up and shift your weight onto the outside pedal. At the same time, “countersteer” by applying a little pressure with the inside hand. Look where you’re going, be clear about it, carve your turn, and pedal out of it.

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