Back Pain Treatment, Exercises And Prevention

  • By Jordan D. Metzl, M.D.
  • Published Jul 29, 2015
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Nothing can derail your training like back pain—address the weaknesses at the source to avoid unnecessary downtime and discomfort.

The Symptoms

Muscular back pain usually comes on instantly. Pain radiates from both sides of the spine and the muscles feel as though they’re locked up. It can be severe and debilitating.

What’s Going On In There?

Muscular back pain is the most common type of back pain. It involves the paraspinal muscles, which are strong muscles on either side of the spine that enable you to move, twist and bend the spine.

So what brings on the pain? In general, the paraspinous muscles are too tight, too weak or both. A sudden twisting or wrenching, bending forward, and even a direct impact on the muscle can set it off.

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