4 Gym Alternatives

  • By Mackenzie Lobby
  • Published Sep 24, 2015
  • Updated Sep 24, 2015 at 6:56 PM UTC

Try these unique workouts and ditch the gym membership for good. 

Triathletes tend to like the freedom of the open road and water and often feel stifled by the limitations of a gym. If you are of the aforementioned ilk, you probably spend a whole lot of time swimming, biking and running because, after all, that’s the very definition of our sport. Even still, triathletes who shun the gym need to work on strength and flexibility, and may even need an alternate cardio workout every now and again.

This is where you have to get creative. Consider the following workouts that guarantee to spice up your training life and achieve better strength without requiring you to step one foot in a gym.

Kettlebell Kickboxing

A hybrid strength and cardio workout, Kettlebell Kickboxing is a workout easily done at home, only requiring a kettlebell or a dumbbell to complete. Promoting full-body strength and endurance, this workout combines martial arts with kettlebells for an intense but fun workout. $60 for an at-home DVD series of four,

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