A Half-Ironman (70.3) Nutrition Plan

  • By Lauren Antonucci
  • Published Oct 28, 2015

Q: I am doing my first 70.3 this month. How do I need to adapt my nutrition plan?

A: Graduating to the half-Ironman definitely requires some nutritional planning. I train my athletes to constantly ask themselves if they are ingesting adequate amounts of three key things during an endurance event such as a 70.3 or longer. Your new nutrition mantra: fluid-sodium-carbs!


Drinking adequate fluids is the most important nutritional factor in achieving your racing goals.

Aim to consume at least one bottle of fluid per hour on the bike.

Drink evenly; 6–8 ounces every 15–20 minutes to optimize gastric emptying and minimize sloshing in your stomach.

Test your individual sweat rate (determine this by weighing yourself nude before and after a 60-minute run with no fluids), factor in the environmental conditions, then adjust your fluid intake.

On the run, drink to almost match your sweat rate. Calculate approximate ounces needed per mile based on your realistic estimated pace. (For example: 24 ounces per hour at 7.5 minutes per mile pace, I’d need to drink 3 ounces every mile—three large swings!)

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