How To Refocus Your Run After Triathlon Season

  • By Mackenzie Lobby
  • Published Nov 20, 2015
  • Updated Nov 20, 2015 at 3:39 PM UTC
Photo: Erik Isakson

How to refocus your run after triathlon season ends.

After busting your butt all summer swimming, biking and running, there’s a certain appeal to simplifying your life come fall. That’s a big reason why many triathletes choose to focus on running performance following their season’s A race. “Coming off tri season, the reduction in training volume is nice for both the athlete and their family, but many are still interested in doing an open road race to try to get a fast time,” says Jesse Kropelnicki, a Massachusetts-based coach and founder of QT2 Systems.

Whether you’re looking to log a PR or simply improve your running technique, the postseason is the perfect time to capitalize on your current fitness but still roll back the amount of time spent training. With this in mind, Colin Cook of Peak Triathlon Coaching in Bedford, N.H., emphasizes the importance of taking a couple of weeks of downtime before tackling any big running-specific goals. “You have to take a step back to take a big step forward,” he said. “Be sure to take that little break for long-term improvements.”

Gina Kehr, a professional triathlete and coach from California, agrees, saying that the break is important both mentally and physically. “No matter how you slice it, a down week or two is necessary for the mind and body,” she says. Indeed, after a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation, you can refocus and begin working on those run-specific goals, knowing you may just be in the best shape to achieve them.

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