Honda’s “Active Life Concept” Car Is A Cyclist’s Dream

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  • Published Jan 21, 2016
  • Updated Jan 22, 2016 at 11:52 AM UTC
Photo: Honda

Honda’s Active Life Concept car, with trunk space for two bikes and a rack featuring a retractable arm to make on-the-go repairs easy, is a cyclist’s dream. 

Honda models are very well known for their carefully thought-out interiors offering plenty of room and clever solutions for maximizing load space and functionality.

But what the Honda Civic Tourerthe car the Active Life Concept is based uponproved so well is that having a practical interior doesn’t necessarily come with a compromise regarding exterior design. In fact, as far as station wagons go, the Civic Tourer is quite the apparition.

With the occasion of the Triathlon Show 2016 (to be held in London at the beginning of next month), Honda is emphasizing the versatility of its model with a special concept that will instantly appeal to any warm-blooded cyclist out there.

The main feature of this very tightly niched concept is a smart loading rack that can transport two full-size bicycles inside the car’s trunk, away from the elements and those low clearances that are constantly on the back of the mind of everyone who’s ever carried their bicycles on the roof.

To further boost its functionality, the rack comes with a retractable arm that can extend outwards allowing for easy bike repair. The Active Life Concept proves to be the perfect assistance car with other sport-related amenities such as bottle holders, water tank, a toolbox, and front wheel holders (they have to come off for the bikes to fit inside), all nicely integrated into the sides of the trunk.

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