The Importance Of Staying Hydrated During Swim Training

  • By Sara McLarty
  • Published Jan 15, 2016

Professional triathlete and swim coach Sara McLarty explains why staying hydrated during your swim sessions is just as important as on the bike and run.

We’re not talking little paper umbrella-style drinking, people. Bottle holders on your bike and around your waist leave are visible reminders to drink during cycling and running, but what about swimming? Do you need to hydrate when you are swimming? The answer is yes.

You might not be able to see the difference between water droplets and sweat on your skin, but you are sweating in the pool. The amount of fluid lost through sweat will depend on each individual’s sweat rate, the workout intensity, and the pool temperature. Weigh yourself before and after practice to get an idea of how much fluid you are losing.

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A water bottle at swim practice is as important as a swimsuit. If you drink one bottle each hour while training on land, try to duplicate that at the pool. Take sips of your drink as your coach explains the next set, between intervals and while changing equipment. Good hydration impacts your physical and mental skills during swim practice. Sports drinks are recommended during an intense practice while water is acceptable during a recovery or an easy session.

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