5 Steps To A Winning Sandwich

  • By Matthew Kadey
  • Published Feb 19, 2016
  • Updated Feb 19, 2016 at 2:03 PM UTC

When it comes to lunch meals, few are as sacrosanct as sandwiches. As long as you don’t slap fatty meats and gooey toppings between two slices of bleached out bread, the versatile sandwich can be the perfect lunchtime meal for athletes (think a winning combination of protein, vegetables and energizing carbs). But don’t let your sandwich options get stale. Mix and match these items to create a bona fide power meal in your hands.

1. The Foundation

A sandwich is only as good as what you decide to wrap it up in.

Sprouted Bread
Germinated grains have elevated nutrient levels and are easier to digest. What’s more, sprouted bread tends to have a lower glycemic index for more sustained afternoon energy.

Old-school rye bread can be a fiber powerhouse, containing about 5 grams per slice. Make sure the first ingredient is whole rye flour and not inferior wheat flour.

Collard Greens
The broad, tender and mild-tasting leaves of collard greens make for a fresh tasting and nutritious alternative to flour-based wraps.

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