Coach’s Note By Lance Watson: Top 5 Excuses Not To Tri

  • By Lance Watson
  • Published Feb 11, 2016

If you are an avid triathlete, you love to workout. You may be surprised to find not everyone shares your passion, enthusiasm and possible addiction. The fit triathlete knows the positive impacts of the triathlon lifestyle. Talk to the uninitiated, and you may hear some of common barriers to getting started. Even if they show interest, they may lack motivation or could simply be overwhelmed by the learning curve. As a coach, I hear many valid reasons and also many excuses. Here are my top five, and some handy solutions which you can share to overcome these:

5. “I don’t like to train; it’s hard and it hurts.”

Most people enjoy what they are good at, and if they are way out of shape or unfamiliar with the skills required (such as swimming), all they can foresee is pain and/or inadequacy.

Solution: Start slow, don’t push to discomfort and focus on fun. Or better yet, get distracted with music, create playful training games or exercise tasks, and engage in conversation while you are out there. Make it social. Find a friend who is also just starting out. Enjoying exercise may initially seem impossible, but it can be done. Once routine is established and fitness is gained, training intensity can increase. Step one is simply getting out there regularly.

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