Mirinda Carfrae Shares Her Training Tips

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  • Published Feb 29, 2016
Carfrae won the 2014 Ironman World Championship. Photo: John David Becker

Three-time Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae shares some of her training principles with Outside magazine.

Mirinda Carfrae, also known as “Rinny” and “Mighty Mouse,” is a fierce competitor, but it’s her exceptional ability to dig deep and suffer at the end of nine-hour races that makes the 34-year-old Australian among the best female long-course triathletes on the planet. In events where it is common for competitors to slow down, stumble, and, in some cases, literally crumble from fatigue, Carfrae is known for racing like a metronome. She’s won over 20 half-Ironman races and is a three-time Ironman world champion at Kona, where she holds both the course record (8:52:14) and marathon record (2:50:26). Carfrae is currently in Hawaii to defend her most recent world championship on Saturday, Oct. 10.

Develop Holistic Fitness

Training across multiple sports not only helps build physical fitness in ways that contribute to one another, but the variety helps prevent burnout too. That’s the great thing about triathlon. Each discipline (swim, bike, run) benefits the others.

Don’t Shun the Treadmill

A lot of people can’t stand the treadmill, but I love it because it’s quick, efficient and let’s me control my pace.

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